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    This one's a GTA and cyberpunk style action and open world adventure game. Where you play as a man who is given various missions to complete around the city. In the game you have to solve all the situations you find yourself in interact with the vehicles and other objects you find around the city. You can also drive modern cars and fly planes, helicopters, jet packs etc. The game has its own unique story and offers good
    graphics and decent controls. All in all it is a decent game but currently it does have a lot of bugs.

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    This is an action game that is guaranteed to please fans of moving around the open world and on their own two feet and using various types of equipment for this. Beautiful graphics, a huge map, locations filled with characters and details, a variety of opportunities for pastime, as well as much, much more is in this project. At the same time, there is a certain set of rules that will not allow players to feel like god. You will have to take into account the presence of the police and the laws of physics when achieving your goals. Fans of free walks from a third person should definitely pay attention to this entertainment.

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    with the help of passwords, you will have access to a huge number of cars, military equipment, weapons. You will find something to do. There is a new mod where you play with real people like in a real GTA. We picked up a large number of tasks, opened the possibility of buying real estate. Now you can get a job and earn from the very bottom.

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