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    this one's a driving simulator game that features stunning visuals. It puts you behind the wheel of different trucks to compete various missions across europe. in the beginning it is really easy and seems the game is just another driving simulation one and you will have limited options for the first little bit. The unlocked tracks will be few and the overall gameplay is quite casual. However you'll only realize the depth of the game as you progress throughout the game you will have to manage your time fuel and truck maintenance while completing the missions. The game features diverse
    modes including a story campaign and quick jobs it also boasts a large garage where you can purchase and upgrade your trucks.

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    The road for delivering special cargo can be very long, and the items themselves cannot be placed in one car, so you decided to help others cope with the task easier and became a trucker who conquered various trucks. Earning a lot of money on your own work, you will soon be able not only to buy new trucks and pump them to the latest levels, but also to hire additional workers who will go on shifts during your absence or in parallel with you.

    Exciting missions, realistic physics and picturesque landscapes around. The gamer has one truck at his disposal, but it is quite enough for a full immersion in the process. The gameplay is as realistic as possible – the car rides like a real one, it can be damaged by inattentive driving. Still requires care: you need to refuel regularly, make repairs, wash your vehicle, also undergo maintenance. Prepare before each trip so as not to get on the road.

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    The city, the scene of the action, is drawn qualitatively, there are even speed bumps and pedestrian crossings. To go, it is necessary to follow the rules of the road, not to create an accident, not to crash anywhere and damage the cargo. At the same time, reach your destination on time, guided by the map. The routes are different every time, no two are the same.
    In the game there is a mini –map that helps to keep the right route, not to get lost and shorten the journey time. The time of day and weather conditions are changing dynamically, so that the route always goes differently, currency is given for successfully completed tasks. Unlocked all game content with a mod for a lot of money, beautiful three-dimensional graphics, average system requirements and a convenient control mechanism. The main emphasis is on the realism of what is happening. The gamer's achievements are saved automatically.

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