Hack Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 cheat code
Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 code
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    This game tasks players with owning and operating their own car repair business. Players will be tasked with running their car garage taking jobs and fixing up vehicles that slowly get more difficult as time goes. By car mechanic simulator 2022 does begin with simple fluid changes. But we do see players eventually rebuilding entire junk cars from scratch to resell. On the open market and as you progress you have an opportunity to upgrade your garage and take part in racing challenges on several tracks and could be with other players.

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    i kind of want to spend some bucks today. We did earn some money uh and through the toolbox. We have to actually get skill points to upgrade these abilities or whatever but there are things that we can buy actually with money. So this stuff over here costs credits, for example we can get salvaging adds container equipped with your stripping tools. Near your garage allows you to salvage and upgrade parts that's kind of cool. I didn't really get upgrade parts over there. We could actually put the car washer that's only 1750. I kind of want to do that. I want to start washing cars man this would be like a combination between car mechanic simulator and power washer. There is a tablet here that i think i'm gonna buy because it's gonna give us a quality of life upgrade. And that we don't have to run back to the computer every time we want to buy parts. We're definitely gonna buy that's like 500 credits or use this passwords.

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