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    So today we will run through the new version of the long-sensational game. The plot is quite simple. We returned from vacation, found an old box where we came across photos from childhood. Use the right side of the screen to control the camera. Use the jump button to jump over obstacles.Use the right side of the screen to pick up items. Press door button to the the item you are holding. Scary memories increase stress levels. When the stress reaches its peak, Nikki needs to rest. Come back every day and get your gifts in the store. Each new memory is not like the previous ones. Each time, go back to the memories and find the missing pieces of childhood. Place them on the board and get rewards.

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    Use glasses to see the important things. Using the glasses you can even see the evidence! With the help of passwords, you can play together with friends of 4 people over the network. Each of the players must have their own device. One of the users plays for a neighbor and performs various actions to catch the other players. Players must find all the items in the fastest possible time. The actions of each user are not visible to the other.
    In the multiplayer version, various friend characters are available, which can be selected using passwords from the list below. Use different devices, cameras, traps to neutralize or catch the enemy. A neighbor can close the doors repeatedly and move objects so that other players do not know where they are.

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    new multiplayer mode - pAFXh5lg5
    you can shift things - Qbfktr9sG
    open all game items - HJY7GUXIo
    traps - Nd31Fyf9H
    keys - SkgmuFKcf
    place cameras - 37u407LPg
    unlock all the characters - DkMHRr4dG
    skins for the neighbor - b3cDAaHKS
    weightlessness mode - Fqe5SgEVw
    fast running - u2d3LF7RP
    infinite energy - yeBrnDinv
    invisibility - rpLLxbqep
    mode - map construction mode - GabeMIiWA. You can swap rooms, stairs, rearrangement of furniture. Preparing the location for a multiplayer game so that other players are not used to the same location.

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