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    Your beloved princess was stolen and you went in pursuit of her! But on your way there will be many opponents and difficulties that will not be so easy to overcome. For example, you are on an island that you need to somehow connect with other islands. So we take a hatchet, a pickaxe and begin to settle in. But yes, who wants to run and constantly carry objects. You will say that you can hire assistants there who will do it for you. Yes - passwords for premium workers will also be in the list at the bottom, but there is a better idea. We go to the hidden menu, select the necessary resource or structure, enter the required amount and get it without waiting. So you can go much further and see a lot of game content.

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    Upgrade home to add new rooms and increase existing ones. If you are tired of playing alone, you can connect to a global server, but there you will have to fight for resources and find your own place where you can develop a settlement. You can also play with friends, having previously created your own server, where you will work as a well-coordinated team, find new islands, fight Bosses and save the princess.

    You can also install a mod where there is an arena. Where you can fight with other characters for rare resources and artifacts. Artifacts add a lot of characteristics that will help in the further passage. Some quests have also been added, by doing which you can get a unique pet that increases the capacity of your inventory.

    Using the passwords that are located below from the hidden menu, you can select a unique steed that will significantly increase the speed of movement. You can also change the appearance of the main character.

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    mode 2.3.2 - BkJlSEQ4k
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    patch 1.4.5 - e8poDn9H8
    quests - PUBJ5Ofo7
    Bosses - uKJ99azyF

  • how and where enter
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