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    This is a prosperous city but walk down the right back alley in the city and you can find anything. There are always people who have secrets and there are always people reveal them. Camera on hand is like a sword. There's fighting and there's escaping. Maybe you think he's just a paparazzi and some people call him. I got a tip one of the Grandashians is having affair, let's go! Swipe both sides to focus. Lucky for use we find this secluded place on the island we can rebuild our base. Rebuild our own station from here. Gardashian naked photos can wait, go fix the chicken coop first. Find some woods on the beach! Bring this photomon!

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    Map - this is outside the island, i heard there're monsters lurking here. But it's the fasters way to get resources. We will be quick, don't think too much. There seems to be a lot of resources, try to collect it. Seems no monsters, next time we can go a little further. I have a feeling next time we will find something interesting. I think outside the island has many secrets waiting to be discovered. With chicken coop, we can make eggs and sell it for money.

    You can summon heroes from your album. Activating grid to cause damage and bulabulabula, you know how this type of game works. Your HP - you won't worry about this for at least first five games. Each photomon lasts for a limited number of rounds, and automatically dies when it is 0. You have unlocked a new unit column, put your newly acquired photomon into battle. Long press the grid to view detailed information. Eliminate more than six grids at the same time to get extra rounds.

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