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    Long long ago, the world was peaceful. But in a sudden! A strange evil power cursed the earth. Monsters appeared everywhere. The tribe leader must find someone for help. Luckly! She found the heros from the desert and icy lands who really willing to tide us over. Please do your best to help us get through all of this. Our tribe is being under attacked, use your skill to help hero. You can use the item hero seal to summon new heroes. Congratualtion on getting the new hero, nad now letting the new hero go into battle. Switch to the battle scene, and see your new hero in battle. Long press a hero to call out upgrade interface. Warrior, the important task of defending the tribe is left to you.

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    In this application, the main character saves his settlement by destroying countless creepy monsters.

    These demons have invaded a peaceful settlement, and the main character needs to destroy them so that your village can survive and become the strongest.

    To do this, you will need to send soldiers to the battlefield, and destroy enemies and fight a huge number of bosses.

    To win the battle, collect various characters and earn coins, use passwords and level up your settlement. Combine the power of tower defense and the simulation of military operations to defeat the accumulation of evil spirits in your city.

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