Hack LoTR Heroes of Middle-earth cheat code
LoTR Heroes of Middle-earth code
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    A new ring. How did it come to you? Why did it choose you? The power to bridge time itself. THe power to challenge terrible evil. You have the strength to command heroes. The will to resist corruption. Shape the course of Middle-Earth. Before it's too late. But when your enemy surrounds you. Will you bow to temptation? Will you stumble into darkness? or will you fight? Against this enemy, there is only once choice, submit or Rise. One last star before endless night. One last hope for middle Earth. You must defend the fortress at all costs.

    Aragorn - strider: the mysterious Chieftain of the Dunedain and leader of the rangers of the North, Strider is a well rounded attacker who excels at fighting orcs and protecting his allies.
    Defender of the Iron Hills - this frontline tank will protect your squad using her Taunt and stun!

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    We will need an army to save middle earth, but more will join us in time. Now, let's get back into the fight. Boons and banes affect a character's stats during combat. Press and hold the icons above a character's head to see more. Gear pieces provide stat bonuses when equipped.
    Character shards - earn at least 15 shards of select characters! Improved chances of rare characters appearing for your first 5 purchases.
    New player chest - open the chest and get a set of resources and character shards. Increaed rewards for your first week in heroes of middle earth.

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