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    100 years since the demon king disappeared. Kingdom Calderania was living a peaceful era. It's dangerous to go on an adventure alone, so first, find a companions to go on an adventure with. The companions who are going on an adventure with us have just arrived. You can create multiple teams here to build the right team for your adventure. These are the companions we are currently hiring for. We can go on an adventure together. Choose a companions and add them to your team on an adventure. Choose a chapter for your adventure. Antiquity - shows all items you have. You can choose to take it with you on an adventure. Mark items to take on an adventure. You can craft new items using items you don't need. After selecting the material, press the create button to create a new item.

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    Choose the skill you want to use for your adventure. To use a skill, first select a target. Fury - increases own's attack power by 2% for 6 seconds. Spirit of sword - blows spirit of sword at the target, dealing damage with 102% attack power. Break the tendon - slows the target's attack speed by 2% for 6 seconds. Splitting the ground - attacks the target with 90% of ATK and has a 100% chance to stun for 4 seconds. Grim reaper's scythe - summons a reaper, attacking the target with 103% of attack power. SIlence - 100% chance to prevent the target from using the skill for 2.1 seconds. Ostracize - memorizes a spell to the target with the highest attack power and seals it for 4 seconds with a 100% chance. Sealed targets cannot attack and take no damage. Evil spirit - launches an evil spirit at the target, dealing 102% ATk damage over 6 seconds.

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