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    Roman - with the Roman style, your buildings will make use of this civilization's famous arches and see how this type of architecture has evolved in Europe over the ages. Chinese - when you choose to have you buildings built in the Chinese style, they'll mirror how palace buildings looked in ancient CHina. They'll look both magnificent and luxurious. British - in the middle ages, norman architecture was the prevailing building style. After the renaissance, architectural styles full of local features, such as Tudor style and english. German - Germanic architecture is varied and shows the influences of by Roman, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. Korean - traditional Korean architecture seeks harmony between humans and nature. Simple and terse, the style is represented by traditional hanock houses. Japanese - with the Japanese style, you'll get architecture that mimics how buildings looked in Japan during the 16th century. This includes the country's mansions, temples.

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    Follow my charge. We shall scatter the rebels! The rebel scouts are following us like rabid mastiffs. We must find a route to the city state as soon as possible. Adjutant, conduct the briefing. According to intelligence gathered by scouts, the city state is at least a few dozen kilometers away. I'm afraid we will have to face many rebels on the way if we want to reach there and re-establish our base. Our scouts have scouted the enemy. Find the docks and see if there are any ships available. The Celtic mists will cover our tracks. Avoid enemy troops and advance under the guise of darkness. We have scouted what appears to be a trail through the woods on our right hand side that may bypass the enemy outposts. It appears there are no enemy troops ahead. Please keep going. Drag and drop the troop list on the right to quickly command the troops.

    There is another rebel outpost ahead. Cross the main path as soon as possible and enter the woods on the other side.

    Era of Conquest code

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    Our intel division has established new strongholds in the base area and have recorded our adventures. After completing these chapters, you can get more Steles or use hack Era of Conquest code - letter cheat. Our adventure log - that documents the many challenges we will encounter along the way. Whenever we complete the intel for a chapter and solve the mystery, we can get a free Qiling.
    Era of Conquest hack

    Grain, timber, stone, and iron are the main materials for construction and accelerating recruitment. They can be obtained in large quantities from resource camp crusades. City state battle quest stores and alliance quests, pvp can also be exchanged for military exploits and looting supply wagons to obtain night owl.
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