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Cross Summoner R code
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    It's time for training, let's go, Momohime. Wait, did you fall asleep in the last theory lesson on the ending of the Black iron mage war? It's important to learn the history of the heroes defeating the black iron mage. Let's catch up on it on the way. Because of the constant efforts of the hero Alan after he rebuffed Clive the world returned to peace, step by step.

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    Upgrade starts - increasing a hero's star level will significantly increase the hero's power. 7 day login activity - log in every day for a prize. Kinghthood festival - Tough challenges and huge prizes await. Frieds - meet new companions. That we've gained battle EXP, let's improve purselves first. We can increase power by improving our abilities. Now let's upgrade ATk first.

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    Accidents may happen any time, so we must be stronger. When the four abilities reach the same star level, we can upgrade to the next stage. Earthly realm - the world inhabited by humans, split into 5 countries: the hallowed kingdom, Yamato kingdom, Azhadi merchant kingdom, Bartonia republic and verdanwood kingdom. Elven realm - the world inhabited by elves and beasts, with the most beautiful natural scenery of any realms. The hallowed kingdom is located in the center of the Earthy realm and is the most powerful human nation. Alwin is the current king.

    Cross Summoner R code

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    Cross Summoner R cheats
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    Cross Summoner R cheat

    Vip special privileges:
    - new open gear upgrade lucky gift function
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    - the boss challenge can be rest 1 time per day
    - arena challenge chances can be purchased 5 times per day.

    Cross Summoner R hack

    Cross Summoner R pass
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