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    Commander, welcome to London, the center of the action! Giant monsters, kaiju, and their minions, kaijin, have invaded the city. If we're going to have any chance of recapturing the center of power, Big Ben, we'll need to grow stronger. And for that we'll need help, let's go to our base and re-group. This is your base. It is the center of your power, and where we'll coordinate all of our efforts to retake London. But we're nowhere near strong enough for that yet. But don't worry, i have it all planned out! First, we'll need another hero to assist El Mazo. Fade has the connections and resources we need, pay her Emporium a visit.

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    She splits her supplies between Silver and gold packs. We can exchange Kaiju parts and eggs for more, but every day some are free. Let's see if we can recruit a hero from the gold pack. Devi is a quick Kaiju hunter specializing in Ranged troops. She's a great additional to the team. While Devi is getting settled in, let's work on some improvements to the base. Our first stop is the Bio farm. The bio farm provides us with food, which we need to train troops, upgrade buildings, and keep our operation running. Collect the resources it produces by tapping on it.

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    Now we're going to take that food we've made to train some troops. We'll need some more facilities, but first let me show you Hallie hack's patented plan for success. No time for waiting, we need these tank troops now if we're going to have any chance of survival. I've laid out rewards for each step of the plan that you complete. Make sure to check it often for help on what to do next, and valuable rewards.
    But we don't pay our troops to sit in the barracks! Let's get them out into the field and tackle their first Kaijin. Even the weakest kaijin are still powerful, but we'll need to face them to retake the city.

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    Every Kaijin pack we defeat provides rewards and is vital on our path to retaking the city. But for now let's head back to carry on with the plan. We don't have any time to lose, we need to save London! Use speed up items to quicken things up if you wish. After this, the training wheels are off Commander! If you ever need help make sure to check back on the plan for what to tackle next.

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