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    We're finally here! This is your base! You will conduct your operations here from now on. A master like you needs a Butler to maintain the base while you're out there commanding the battlefield. I am also a member of the society, so you can place your faith in me. It appears you haven't done even the slightest bit of explaining. This base was also provided by the society. The society will provide everything for your convenience from now on. We call you master because you are the one gifted with summoning powers.

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    You summoned a warrior and opened a base portal a little while ago. These abilities are possible because of your summoning powers. What the society needs is that summoning power of yours. They've sent us to scout you. THis base originally served both as a military base/control tower. Take not of this facility in the center. This is a telepod, a summoning device that only masters who possess summoning powers can operate.

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    These special warriors are called heroes. Once summoned, they form a contract with you, so they're ready to take on any tasks you give them. The society takes care of all contract costs, so no need to worry! It's a pretty sweet deal if you think about it. You get to play boss while WE pay their salaries.
    The world map - right now, you can only explore the first area, the costal plains. You should be looking at three cards on your screen. These cards represent the things you discovered during your exploration. You'll come across monsters, items, or gold. First, touch the card with the level 1 monster.

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    The organize menu - you can form a team of heroes here to do battle. You only have two heroes at the point, so skip this part for now. Equip your heroes with items and develop them. Heroes will use their skills as soon as they become available. When you see a number on the upper right corner of the hero portraits, it means that their skill is ready to be used. If you want to use their skills manually, turn off the auto skill button. Finishers are powerful skills that can only be used once by a single hero.

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    You've earned some equipment as a reward for your victory. Your heroes can equip those equipment items. Tap the hero button to have your warrior equip the item. Now you know that having a hero equip items increases its stats. Press the auto skill and attack speed increase button for easier gameplay. You can earn stars by defeating new monsters. Collect enough stars to obtain crystals. You can use crystals to summon heroes, transmute gold, and do a lot of other cool things. Crystals are quite rare though, so hang on to them for when you really need them.

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