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    Wake up, your highness. We're under attack! many monsters are pouring out of the massive magic portaks that have suddenly appeared around the island. Gather the warriors! We have just built the town. Must not let it fall. The heroes are ready to go. Tap campaign to start adventure. Tap to go to the camp. Sync bonus - bonus power are granted when two heroes of the same color launch attacks in the same round. Magic portal is the monster's base camp! Smash it to obtain victory.

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    Priority to launch an attack, you have 3 steps to use. Line up 3 heroes of the same color in a row for merge. Please merge another hero with the remaining 2 steps. You have completed the 3 command steps. Now your merged heroes will launch an attack. It's the enemy turn, the magic vortex will teleport a steady stream of monsters onto the battlefield. You'll been hit! Be careful. if your HO is reduced to 0, the battle would be defeated.

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    Withdraw when heroes is defeated or merged. Tap the arrow to summon creatures back to the battlefield. Summoning a hero consumes 1 step, continu to merge using the remaining steps. Let's merge a guardian dwarf. Summon the hero into battlefield again. The portal is crumbling, please command the battle at your will. Barrier merging - 3 heroes on the horizontal row merge a barrier, which can effectively block incoming attacks. Type t merging - heroes merged in type T have more strength. Merge guardian dwarfs attack the goblins ahead.

    Kingdom Saga code

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    Kingdom Saga cheat

    Note that the total strength of monsters ahead is 4 points, while your guardian dwarf is 2 points. Merge 2 more guardian dwarfs to increase his strength. Deploy 2 heroes of the same category behind the merged hero to trigger a merge bonus. Tap the arrow to redeploy your hero back to the battlefield. Double taps to withdraw this guardian dwarfs to merge a royal swordsman directly. Go ahead and double taps to withdraw. Let's merge another guardian dwarfs.

    Kingdom Saga hack
    Lore - templars are the most elite warriors in the kingdom. They clad in fine steel armor, mount strong steed, and gold lances to defend their honor. GO to the heroes screen to view all summoned heroes. Please merge a templar! He will unleash his unique merging skill. The merged heroes will unleash merging skill again. The templar needs to wait 1 turn before attacking, and during the waiting turn he will grow.

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