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Pirate evolution code
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    You were once a great adventurer, uncovering mysteries and long lost artifacts. Then a mysterious fleet ambushed you, imprisoned your crew, stole your treasures, and nearly destroyed your ship. Somehow you managed to escape, determined to become the greatest pirate that has ever lived and seek your revenge. We escaped but the ship is in sad shape. Let's fix it. Tap to collect wood. Tap to see what we'll need to rebuild our ship. We need wood, and we have some. Add it. The ship's starting to shape up, but it still needs some work to be seaworthy. Tap more wood to finish rebuilding the ship.

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    Good! It may not be much, but it'll get us off this rock. Tap the sail button to put to sea. Drag and hold anywhere to move. Sail to the next island. Hire people as a crew member. Active crew members will be aboard the ship. Dra and match 2 seed for a better version. Tap the tree to gather wood. Always gather everything you can and use it for upgrades or load it onto your ship. Tap to collect any resources laying on the ground. Harvest for wood to upgrade the ship. The ship is looking pretty smart now.

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    Now we can equip a weapon. A ship without a weapon is just a sittung duck! Maybe we can find one on the next island. Tap the sail button to out to sea. Drag mortar to the slot to equip it. The weapon is ready to use. It's time for battle. Position the ship's side toward the enemy to fire the gun. After battle, be sure to loot everything and put it on your ship. We still need to rach our base, Fireport. Always match treasure to get a higher value version. You'll need gold to upgrade the ship and to buy useful things.

    Pirate evolution code

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    Pirate evolution cheat

    Fireport - clear your ship's deck by unloading your stuff here. Some bronze - we can use it to upgrade our weapons. Bronze are important! They're needed to strengthen the ship's equipment. We should explore the surrounding islands for more upgrade materials. gain XP to increase your pirate power and unlock new zones and features.

    Pirate evolution hack
    Using the same equipment type as enemies will deal reduced damage. Use and replace equipment to maximize your damage.

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