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    Let's go back to Dragonville. Tap to enter the deployment screen. Tap your dragon's icon to assign it to your lineup. Smash these enemies. Marget's rage skill deals massive damage to enemies in a cone-shaped area. Assign her in the mid row to allow her rage skill to attack as many enemies as possible. There are monsters nearby and you may be in danger. Don't forget to collect loots to enhance your power. Tap and hold Margarita's icon to change the skill direction so as attack as many enemies as possible.

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    Our loot chest now contains lots of resources. Tap to get them. Use the resources in the loot chest to enhance your dragons and wipe out your enemies. Equipment makes your dragons more powerful. Use Quick wit - strike an enemy twice, each dealing damage equal to 80% of attack. The second attack deals 20% more damage and strikes up to 2 enemies behind the target.

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    Remember, the hunt rewards increase with the progress of frontline stage. Resilient dragons can effectively protect their allies. They work perfectly in the front row.

    Evolution Dragon X code

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