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    After the caves inhabited by primitive people were destroyed by magma during the eruption. They left their homes and embarked on a long migration. With resolution, they endured the cold and hunger of the journey. After all the hardships, they finally came to the hopeful plain. Here, a great village is about to be born and rise. But where is everyone? I want to build a hut for laborer to stay. They can help us a lot with our construction work. The lush trees hinder the expansion of the village. Tap the trees to cut them down and expand our territory. Tap the build menu, here we can see all kinds of buildings.

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    Look, a Laborer has come to settle in our village. And now, we have pur first build queue. With the build queue, we can build all kinds of buildings in our village. Well, let's build a living tent first. In the build menu, you can find buildings, and place them in the village for construction. Fire is needed to drive out darkness and fear and provide warmth and light. It is essential for our survival and further development of our village. Let's build a charcoal kiln and make charcoal. You'll need some wood to make it function. Let's build a logging shed and get some wood.

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    Now, try to transport wood into the charcoal Klin. We will certainly get a lot of charcoal from it. Let's upgrade the Chief's hall immediately! It's going to be warmer and more comfortable with fire set at could nights. Use pass to upgrade building faster. Seems like i need to explore the forst, and bring back more food for everyone. Hunger is basic primitive drive. Humans forage by hunting and gathering food. Our village is facing a food shortage. Please follow the mission's guide to find a solution. We need to build an infantry barracks immediately. We need our warriors to repel giant bear. The forest is full of unknown enemies. Build a sentinel camp to warn us of the dangers.

    Anno Primitive code

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    Sentinel camp - warriors in charge of sentry duty are essential for enemy detection, march scouting and village defense. The sentry camp has marked many place worth exploring. There can be benefits or dangers. Learn from past experience to make a better future.
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