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    The spiritual power of the giant tree allows the ants who live here to evolve into civilization and establish a prosperous nation gradually. No one knows that a conspiracy is brewing. The war broke out, and the Deathroot tribe invaded our home like a flood. The ant princess made a narrow escape. The capital has been occupied by the Deathroot tribe. These ancient ruins can be a good shelter. Those guys shouldn't find us anytime soon. Let's search around first, maybe we can find useful supplies. First of all, let's think about how to solve the food problem. I found some edible wild fungi growing here. We can feed on them for the time being. Many fungi grow on these vines. Let's clean them up to get more food. We can live on these wild fungi for some time.

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    We can build a mushroom farm to provide us with food continuously. Oh, there is a giant spider! Watch out! Skill charge increases over time. Tap or drag the highlighted area to enable the skill. Repair storeroom - protects your resources from being plundered by enemies. Upgrade to increase the resource protection capacity. Palace - the hub of the entire Anthill. Upgrade to unlock new buildings and level caps.

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    Use skills: first - summons a plant at a specific location, and the bud will attract the enemy's attention and automatically explode after 5s, dealing 300 da,age to all enemies within the range. Second - places an automatic crossbow with 90 attack and 1000 health at a specific location. The crossbow will attack the enemy with the lowest health first. The lower the enemy's health, the higher the damage. Repair watchtower - used to scout the enemy information. Upgrade to increase your scout and anti scout abilities. There are still many wild creatures roaming around here. We must reinforce the entrance to ensure our safety.

    The Ants Reborn code

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    The Ants Reborn cheat
    Entrance - protects your anthill from being attacked by enemies. Upgrade to increase the max entrance durability and the number of Garrisoned heroes. Plant flora - used to produce plants. Upgrade to increase the plant production. Tavern - the place where you can recruit and upgrade heroes. Upgrade to recruit heroes faster and increase the attack and level cap of heroes.
    The Ants Reborn hack

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