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    Sir, you already know basics of battle, right? Whichever hero's action gauge fills first, gets to move next. The action gauge is just below your HP. Perhaps it's time to break out my super skill. Go ahead and tap the super skill button. Drag Alcy onto the slippy Filcher to attack it. Skills have different ranges and areas of effect, so think before you act. When attacking within an enemy's range, a red exclamation icon will appear, and your attack may be countered. Elemental advantages: green - attacks with advantage have a 15% chance to be a critical hit. If the attack is not a critical hit, it has a 50% chance to be a slam.

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    A red thumbs down means your hero has an elemental disadvantage, and the enemy has a chance to block your hero's attack. Allies will reposition automatically so your heroes can step up to attack. Trinity breaker - attack enemies within range 2 times to deal damage. Afterward, Djur dashes forward 3 spaces and attacks once more to deal damage. At the ened of Alcy turn, she automatically heal nearby allies. Try moving heroes around the deck of the cloud whale. Tap and hold on a hero to move them.

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    After defeating and interrogating the leader of the boarding party, Djur and Alcy discover that the mastermind behind the attack is named Tig Welding, and that he is a merchant based out of Wolport. Then suddenly 328 begins shaking and, despite Djur's best efforts, it shatters, revealing a tiny dragon that was hiding inside. Despite the dragon having lost its memory, Djur demands it work for him until it pays off the price of the destroyed vase. Tap the world icon to fly down to the surface and explore. There are some explosives up ahead. Detonate them, and nearby enemies will take damage.

    Argent Twilight code

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    Argent Twilight cheat
    If you attack while at a disadvantage, your attack has a chance to be blocked. The more you upgrade the capital whale, the more rubies and gold it will produce. You won some gear from that last battle. Let's go ahead and equip it on the hero screen. Activated icon appears when a gear set effect is activated.
    Argent Twilight hack
    Enhancing gear will raise its stats, and in turn, make your hero stronger. Every three gear upgrade levels, your gear gains a new bonus stat. Each piece of gear has a base stat, and a set of locked random bonus stats which can be unlocked by enhancing. Fully enhancing gear is expensive, but it's worth it to get good gear up to level 12.

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