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    In order to find the missing sister, Crow has been using the identity of the special mercenary of blackshell to investigate. His only hope is in the Oracle Blueprint. In the transaction with the Croft Handler, Crow finally got the clue of the Oracle Blueprint, and went to investigate the mysterious and dangerous ruins. You can go to the ruin to take a chance. By the way, that is the territory of blackshell, mind you. Press and drag the joystick to control your movement. Land a skill to earn energy points. You have been spotted by the enemy, please be careful.

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    When the enemy is fleated or adsorbed, the Crow's support skill (QTE) will be triggered.
    Crow - DMG to trget with a life shield increases by 30%. Leader skill - DMG taken from non-boss units reduces by 10%. QTE: triggers when the enemy is fleating or adsorbed. After charging for a while, Crow grabs the enemy instantly and deals continuous damage. Anika - star leader skill: after combo reaches 30, DMG increases by 15% and CRIT rate increases by 5%. QTE: triggers when the enemy is grabbed or floating, causing continuous damage to enemies ahead. 2 stars - DMG to target with a little shield increases by 35%.

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    You have to fight with one hero against a huge variety of opponents. Use combo strikes, skills, abilities, equip the main character in various equipment, use artifacts, improve characteristics and participate in battles against the world boss. With passwords, you can easily get all in-game currencies, materials, resources, endless energy and various chests with rewards. Our passwords are updated every month, something is deleted, something is changed. If you have any questions about how and where to enter, write to us by email.

    Captor Clash code

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    Captor Clash cheat

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