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    To win you need to destroy all the intact buildings on the island. To shoot by units, tap landing area onto it. Your ship can fly free above the island. You can get unit cards by opening chests. You have enough gold to buy the regular chest. Unit cards are stored in your deck. Unit cards can be used to create and upgrade units. To upgrade a unit, select him and tap on the upgrade button. Now move your unit to the ship. leveling up unlocks new types of units and buildings. You can upgrade the town hall on your island.

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    To build further, you need to improve town hall. The town hall is the main building on the island. Upgrading it unlocks new buildings and weapons. It also limits the maximum level of other buildings. The temple is available to you to summon heroes. Infantry - is the main power of the army. Use it on the front lines. Archers do a lot of damage from afar. Don't let the enemy approach them. Tanks -chief. different units are for different purposes. Tanks have a lot of health and can live long. Fire giant - is effective against buildings. He is very slow, but his blows are deadly.

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    First, drop units to divert enemy's attention! Now shoot the giant! Remember that he is effective against buildings and very slow. Each unit has an element. Each element is effective against another element. Earth - air - water - fire. Your army has a predominant element. Now gather your army, create new units from cards. Level them up and drag them onto the ship. When you're ready, go to battle. Enemy has units with the element of fire, think about which element will be effective against them. After completing the chapter, you will receive a mythical chest. The Gods favor you! they decided to give you the final phase giant for this fight. Big giant is the last phase of the giant. He is very strong.

    Rage of Giants code

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    Keep paying and your little giant will grow and become stronger. By the way, don't forget to take your gifts.

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