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    Knock out staff and take their uniforms when nobody is nearest. Cope their behavior, approach the target and take the code. Head to the transmission point after obtaining the code. After 4 codes have been uploaded. The Sirius faction is better for Agents who are not familiar with the game yet. If you side with Sirius you will need to work together as a team to decrypt the 4 dynamic code devices and upload the data to the terminal. Complete the mission to receive Mobius character. RIse of Sirius - the serpent awakens. Exclusive activities for newcomers. Complete the task to choose character and equipment.

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    Murphy - once a graceful ballerina who was trained to be the ultimate assassin, she takes on many guises and silently kills without remorse. In order to provide you with a better gaming experience, we sincerely invite you to participate in our survey! If you're ready, use the link to start taking the survey.
    Gabriel - KLrlF2Ghx
    Aya - R4U9OYK0A
    Drone Master - JhpPOElKn
    Vanessa - 27F02mk5Q
    Pando - wAQ5QMhW9
    Focus your attacks on Sirius with codes to increase your chances of success. A character whose outfit is out of place is likely a Sirius agent.
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    Stand in badge - use to become invisible for a shot time and spawns a decay that continues moving forward in your stead. Phantom warhead - detonates four warheads to temporarily blind enemies then spawns four decoys identical to you in appearance. Smokeball bomb - throws smoke bombs disguised as baseballs that quickly envelop the enemy in smoke and causes them to hallucinate. Shockwave - stuns surrounding enemies. Hold to charge for a stronger effect across a greater area. Lock jammer - chases and jams all nearby doors.

    Mission Zero code

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    Mission Zero cheat

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