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    You are Atom, lots of kids were named Atom after the bombs dropped - the first time, and the world didn't end. It should've though. Get ready! You units will search for enemies automatically. Let's find something to kill, shall we? Here they come! We just entered combat mode. Left side - this is the queue. Turns go from top to bottom. Combat stats, on the first row: moves and attack per turn. Second row: health and attack damage. Tap on any tile and your unit will path to it and attack the enemies. Defeat every enemy you find! Tap confirm to execute your action. You are not so bad after all. But you can do better.

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    Open the inventory. Tap on the skills button. Select an empty slot and then tap on a skill to equip it. Skills will activate when certain actions happen. Choosing the right set of skills will often determine victory or defeat. I'll leave that to you. Continue fighting and exploring to learn more skills. Whenever you feel like taking the backseat, you can enable the automatic combat. Your units will do their best to defeat all enemies on their own. Life sucks, especially when you're forced to irradiate yourself to survive and you better kill everyone you meet out in the wastes.
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    If you don't, they might kill you for your Pure gene. You were one of the first baby bombers, the first generation born after radiation covered the planet. Defeat is part of the process, just remember: never give up! Let's give it another shot. Open the world map. The wastelands are a good place to start. Across the Wastelands, none can prepare themselves for what they will see. Many brave but foolish wannabes go out wandering, and returns with their eye's torn out. This is quite the feat, when the radiation mutates you into a dude who is very radical at having many eyeballs. But if you too be foothardy enough, then venture forth, as i regate you with my tales of the wastes.

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    Time to pump it up a notch. Defeated enemies can drop fuel rods, use them to unlock powerful upgrades. Open the boom upgrades skill tree. Choose a node and press upgrade. Unspent fuel rods will become activated and grant you units bonus damage.

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