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Orna the GPS RPG code
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    Greeting, traveler. I'm pleased that you could meet me here. I am a squire of the order of the unfelled. As is knows, 993 DCE marked the year of the falling as a result of our hubris. A terrible time, indeed. But, we must go on. The order of the undelled has pledged to protect the people of Orna from the beats of the falling. I have been told you are interested in joining us. As your first task, i will need you to take care of a local vermin problem. Please slay at least 5 rats that you find nearby.

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    You can add and remove allies (friends). Allies are other players in the world that you can chat with and form parties with. After inviting an ally to a party, you can battle together. Additionally, members of parties automatically share experience points with each other if they are similar in level. Classes: Warrior - a melee class who favors physical attacks and brute strength over magic. Mage - skilled individual who favors magic over strength. Thief - a tricky fighting class that favors speed and damage over defense.

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    Exploration mode - the beasts of the Falling have created an organized network of tyranny, appointing monsters to areas to serve as guardians. When you defeat area guardians, we consider the area 'explored'. Local townsfolk of explored areas will contribute rewards to your daily income. The potential rewards are shown on this screen. But be careful! You may not be strong enough to challenge every guardian. Pay attention to their Tier level before challenging them. Your origin town - whenever you return to this place, you feel invigorated by memories of your childhood. 10% bonus of all stats.

    Orna the GPS RPG code

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    Orna the GPS RPG cheat
    The area development menu - here you can build many useful buildings that will help you in your journey. Your origin town will have the most building options available to you. You may also decorate and rename areas from this menu. If you are moving, you can change your origin town from here as well.

    Orna the GPS RPG hack
    Orna the GPS RPG building cheat code:
    gBShh1q5b - shop: build your own shop in this area. Shops rotate a stock of items frequently.
    RwZEM1PqR - town hall: you will need a town hall to start attracting villagers.
    M5glfuNTz - citadel: build a citadel to collect offerings from your villagers. The higher the population and morale, to more likely you are to receive offerings.
    gFadaIWd2 - residence: build to increase the population of your origin town.
    1XVDW9jLi - wayvessel: may be used to travel freely between party members' origin towns.
    0yF0nIJcq - keep: can be used ti store gold and followers.
    C2R7TjADB - bestiary: allow the player to hire a follower.
    wrLjjl2cs - blacksmith: are used to upgrade weapons and equipment.
    Bfsk2ZqQM - jeweller: can sell adornments and adorn weapons or armor.
    n8xwKobIA - herbalist: can craft various potions.

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    Orna the GPS RPG hack character menu: you can use character menu to access character stats, game options, party management, character customization, and more. You can show active world events. These events include increased experience or orn weekend, special monthly bosses, and more. You can access you available quests by tapping on the quest menu icon. Be sure to make note of what story and daily quests are available to you. You can switch between the character menu and party menu here. You can use the character menu to view and make changes to your character. You can use the party menu to manage and view the status of your party members.

    co3cQGKF7 - traveler's pack: a bag of items useful to any traveler. Includes: EXP potion (3), occult candle (3), dowsing rod (3), torch (10), small health potion(25), small mana potion (25), large health potion (10) and large mana potion (10).
    6DxpmoTXi - shrine of wisdom: with this blessing, you will receive double the experience from battles for one hour.
    3Bwqk0nye - shrine of luck: you will receive more gold and orns for one hour. Monsters may also drop extra items.
    B2jHOX00G - gauntlet keys: these items are needed to begin a gauntlet or dungeon
    I8UExuBq4 - Orna the GPS RPG arena tokens codes: these items are needed to battle other players on the arena.
    4IFmPHDZB - occult candle cheats: a mysterious candle that draws more enemies to you for a limited time when lit.
    PMzhyGViv - exp potion: a sour tasting elixir that doubles experience earned for a limited time.
    JLkfHg4XX - last resort: a bag of potions.
    TNX2SuuFK - waystones: these items can be used to help find quests or point of interest locations.
    Bz4ah85VS - decor tokens: these items allow you to build pieces to decor in your arena.

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