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Auto battles code
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    You're pretty lightly equipped. Let's use gold pass to buy some gear! That ogre is pretty tough. Should we get some help? We have 4 additional heroes and arrange them so that they do not intersect with each other. And end this ogre! Great work mister! Now the path to the village is clear.
    Arena: these are the leagues you can join by raising your trophy count. At the end of the season, you will earn a reward based on the league you ended it will also be saved on your profile.

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    Welcome to the forge. here i can enhance your gear for a fair price. Reforging an item will give it a random % damage increase. Reforging again will replace its original bonus, so be careful. When you reforge with diamonds, i can preserve the original bonus if your roll isn't as good. Think of it as insurance for your god-roll items. The maximum damage bonus from reforging is +15%. Good luck adventurer!

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    Training Dojo - in the dojo, your heroes will keep practicing on training dummies, evem when the game is closed. Over time, gold, herbs and player xp will be added to your training bank of the bottom right. The income is affected by your hero level, dummy tier and hero grade! Remember to upgrade when you need to in order to get the best return on investment. Came back once in a while to collect your rewards. Remember, the bank can only hold up to 24 hours of resources.

    Auto battles code

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    Auto battles cheat
    Also knows as world conquest, we've been working on this game pass and modes for a while now. Note that this is still very experimental, and we've never run the game mode and passwords live on the main app before! The purpose of this is mainly to gather good testing codes to help us balance the game, so rewards are waiting you. However, you will get participation diamonds for each turn you play in a world, so make sure to join up when you can!

    Auto battles hack
    Crusaders cards: these give you a starting advantage in a crusaders world, and the income from this helps us make back some of the money we've burned on the development of this feature. Note that after beta there will be F2P ways to earn card packs, similar to how the chest system works.

    Auto battles pass
    I know the past upgrade has been buggy. THis update includes many necessary bugfixes to what was reported in bug reports, and some improvements to performance as well. If your bug or performance issue still isn't fixed, just know that we have multiple team members actively working hard on this, and we'll release more updates as soon as we can.

    Next week we're hoping to start some real, hopefully stable worlds to really kick this game mode into action. Learn how to play in crusades-info. THis whole process, including last week's update and the subsequent issues, has been a crazy crunch of everyone here working at 100% capacity.
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