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    Tap to attack and use skills! Fill the skill gauge to use skills! Skills can be stocked too! Skills recover with time. Tap the magic button! Choose your magic and use MP to activate it. Attack the enemy to fill the special gauge. Once it's filled activate your special! About manual controls: hold and slide the attack button to move the unit that's active. About auto move: tap the button in the upper right to turn on auto mode and let the AI control your units. Get units and Arks from the Gacha! Spin the Gacha. Spin all kinds of Gachas - crystal gacha. Use pass - ticket gacha. Use friend points to spin! A free spin every 8 hours!

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    About units: summon the heroes of the past to fight with you! About Arks: raise stats, learn skills, equip units with ancient artifacts. Set up your party! Equip Arks for quests to learn skills! Be a jack of all trades or specialize in certain skills. Make your own party! A friend's support units can be included. Just this once, Arks will be auto equipped on all units. Go on through the world map and continue the story. Power up your units with gathered materials.

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    Enjoy last Cloudia in these 5 steps:
    - use Arks and learn skills: depending on the Ark, the spells and passives your unit can learn will change.
    - get armor and weapons at the shops in town. First head for Port Migal! Make sure to bring enough Zell along!
    - fill up the ability board to your liking. Not only can you raise the stats, but you can learn various spells and skills. It's always a good idea to grab each unit's abilities and traits first.
    - level up the sul spots and tanks. Souls are needed each time you level up Arks and for guests while Arks are equipped.
    - cooperate with friends! Get friend points by taking them to battle and exchanging gifts! You can get materials for unit enhancements from the gacha and the market place.
    Head for the imperial capital Aldana! Clear the imperial Capital to unlock conquer quests and arena! There's more things to do the further you do!

    Last Cloudia code

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    Join event dungeons! Your chance to get materials and extra Zell. Special event orbs are needed! Event orbs recover over time. Gather souls at the soul spots. Look for soul spots all over the world! Souls will collect over time! How to use souls: when you equip Arks for quests, you'll need souls! Don't forget to stock up on Souls either, they're used for powering up Arks! Power up the soul spots! Raise the soul collection rate! Collect the souls into the soul tank for use! Power up the soul tank to raise the maximum capacity.

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    xb59G7u3Q - Imperator El'dravahna: equip it to your unit to change the unit's stats.
    VVwvX68QL - Archbeing El'dravahna
    6aYLRM8ZF - Haven's bow star-lord
    p7BW4NyZO - Aldena Institute of magic
    y0IkqxQXW - Swordmagineer Libebette
    KbtpyAviu - Roland
    QMjazXBlw - Eliza
    ZRsnI2R2N - Granadas
    9UtOjCpDh - player stardust SSR
    ICM9wS3He - unit gacha ticket
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    Hf6WQRHmE - Etherion
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    yVqHrsEzP - Mia
    xwY03JKK6 - Phantom Crows
    1SJHJLc0F - Lenius
    clrpfysiH - Apel Nexus the icebound
    8JuNyM5MM - summoner Leena
    6R4t6X0Li - ice emperor Seilios
    0ZAbXlSDY - master Thief Robin
    wiND0mnJN - phantom thief Robin
    hitsgfwsM - mechanical Meredy
    jvZo03a2z - Romel the war God
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    NScefoiXZ - Yashamaru

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