Last Cloudia TARGET LOCK
  • Last Cloudia TARGET LOCK.

    In battle, tap Switch Target to target a different enemy and view their stats. Continue tapping to rotate through the entire enemy party. The battle will be paused while cycling through enemies. When playing in manual mode, you can use Target Lock to lock onto the enemy you want to attack with the current unit. This is not available in Semi-Auto or Auto mode.

    To lock the target, tap [Target Switch] at the bottom left of the battle screen, select the target, and then tap [Target Lock] on the bottom right of the screen. Once you lock a target, the unit will continue to target the same enemy, even when you are controlling another unit. To unlock from a target, tap [Switch Target] and then [Unlock]. Target lock will not be applied to any unit other than the currently controlled unit.

    In battle, tap Switch Unit to control a different Unit and view their stats. Continue tapping to rotate through all available Units. The battle will be paused while cycling through Units. Note: You can also take control of a Unit by tapping their icon.

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    In the event that your party is defeated, the Party Defeated message will appear. You can spend Crystals to fully revive your party and continue the battle. Note: You will not be refunded your Crystals should your party be defeated again. Be warned, as not all quests will allow you to continue.

    There are six basic stats:

    ・ HP - Unit health. At 0 HP, you can no longer operate the Unit.
    ・ MP - Required to use magic. Does not regenerate on its own during battle.
    ・ STR - Strength. Higher STR results in more effective physical attacks.
    ・ DEF - Defense. Higher DEF means less damage received from physical attacks.
    ・ INT - Magic strength. Higher INT results in more effective magic attacks.
    ・ MND - Magic defense. Higher MND means less damage received from magic attacks.

    Last Cloudia attributes, units.

    Some Units and equipment possess resistances to the six attributes. These resistances reduce fixed damage values from attacks associated with those attributes. Some Units and equipment possess status ailment resistances. These grant them greater resilience against those status ailments. Units are playable characters – some are heroic spirits summoned by the protagonist, Kyle, to assist in his quest.

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    Units can be obtained via Gacha, Unit Souls, and by completing quests.Each Unit has its own set level, base stats, attribute resistances, status aliment resistances, growth values, and more. A Unit's level will grow once you acquire a certain amount of EXP from completing Quests. With each level up, the Unit's HP, MP, and other stats will increase.
    Certain things in the Library can be unlocked this way as well. You can also give a Unit more EXP by using Power Potions on the Unit screen. Level caps can be raised via Enhancement.

    Last Cloudia traits, enhancement

    Each Unit has their own set of unique Skills and Specials. Skills can be acquired and upgraded via Unlock Ability while Specials can be upgraded via Awakening.

    Units have passives known as Traits. These can be acquired and upgraded via Unlock Ability. Some of these passive Traits are always active, while others will only trigger under certain conditions.

    Each Unit has a specified level cap.
    However, Enhancement allows the Unit to surpass this cap.
    Each Enhancement will require both Zell and specific materials.
    Some Enhancements may have additional requirements as well.

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    Some units can reach a fifth level of enhancement.
    The following features are unlocked once enhanced to fifth level:

    • Maximum unit level increased to 110.
    • Use of the Ward feature to strengthen all of your units.
    • The unit ability board will expand, allowing you to unlock new pieces.

    In order to reach the fifth level of enhancement, the unit must be at LV100.
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