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  • Last Cloudia Regarding Bonus Skill.

    Awakening a Unit raises its parameters and improves its Special. Unit Souls are required to awaken a unit. Units can be typically be enhanced in four stages, although some units have six awakening stages.To awaken units to the fifth and sixth stages, Unit Souls and Prism Souls are both required.

    One Prism Soul can be obtained when you pull a duplicate of a Unit in the Gacha. Any Prism Soul can be used to awaken another unit to the fifth and sixth stages. When a unit is awakened to the fifth or sixth stages, its Special will not become more effective. Fifth and sixth awakening stages will gradually be added to more Units.

    Units can make use of their acquired spells and Passive Skills by setting them under Skill Set. All Spells and Passive Skills have their own Skill Cost required to set them. All Spells and Passive Skills that are naturally acquired through that Unit's Unlock Ability have a Skill Cost of 0.

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    This value restricts how many Spells and Passive Skills you can set on a Unit at a given time. You can use Unit Souls to increase this limit.

    There are limits to this as well, however, but those can be exceeded by unlocking extra Skill Cost Max Limits on the Ability Board.

    Mother Souls can also be used to increase the Skill Cost limit of any Unit. A single Mother Soul has the same unlock value as a given Unit's Unit Soul and both can be used simultaneously.

    *Mother Souls cannot be used for any use other than increasing Skill Cost limit.

    ● Regarding Bonus Skill Cost
    Pulling a duplicate Unit from the gacha will add an additional +2 Skill Cost to the duplicated Unit (This is counted separately from the normal Skill Cost. This can be increased by up to +20).

    The Bonus Skill Cost can be increased by consuming certain items.
    *Each item has a +2 increase in Skill Cost and the upper limit is the same as the increase from duplicates from the gacha, up to +20 in total.

    Last Cloudia Multi Unlock.

    In addition to Arks, each Unit has 4 equipment slots: Weapon, Armor, and 2 Accessories.Equipment boosts a Unit's stats and may also have additional effects. Each Unit has their own ability board.Unlock pieces on the ability board to boost a unit's stats and unlock and strengthen unique skills and traits.

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    Adjacent pieces on the Ability Board must be unlocked before unlocking the next piece, and unlocking pieces on the board requires materials. Also, some pieces are initially locked and require the use of special materials to unlock.In addition, you can expand your Ability Board via Enhancement, which will allow you to unlock a wider range of pieces.
    Additionally, some unit's have a unit story that can be unlocked from their Ability Board. Unlocking a unit story episode requires unit souls for that unit.

    ● About Multi Unlock
    If you have enough materials, you can use Multi Unlock to unlock an ability and all the prerequisite abilities that come before it all at once.
    However if you don't have enough materials to unlock every prerequisite ability, you'll have to get them before you can multi unlock them.
    WARDSUnits that have reached the fifth level of enhancement will be able to unleash the power of their Wards.
    EFFECTS OF WARDS• Various effects such as unit stat increases and boosted attack damage.• These effects apply to all units you have.• The same effects stack with each other.
    Unlocking a unit's Ward requires the use of unit souls for that unit.

    Last Cloudia unique unit stories

    Many units have their own unique unit stories filled with memories from their past. You can play through each episode of these to experience the story of these characters. Unit stories can be accessed by tapping [Unit Story] on the Event screen.

    The first episode of each unit story can be accessed regardless of whether or not you have acquired the unit. However, the second and subsequent episodes can only be played after you acquire the unit. However, to unlock some unit stories, you need to acquire the unit, and then unlock the next episode on their Ability Board.

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    *Unit stories are only available for units released prior to April 2020. Units obtained through the main story do not have unit stories.

    Completing all of a Unit's stories makes 4★ Enhancement possible. (It doesn't actually enhance the unit though.)

    To see a list of unit stories, tap the Unit Story banner on the event menu.

    * Please note that some Units, such as those obtained throughout the main story, do not have any Unit Stories to unlock because their stories are included in the main route. Unit stories are only included on units that were released in Japan prior to April 2020.
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