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Twinkle battle code
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    The plot level is the main line of the game. Each level can only be completed once, and the subsequent level opening is related to the player's own level. Voyage mission - players obtain adventure points in the story level, and consume certain adventure points to carry out long distance missions. After completing the missions, they can obtain various rewards such as diamonds, hero fragments, and equipment.
    Daily copy: daily copies are divided into five types according to output: gold coins, holy water, hero fragments, artifacts, and gem essences. After platooning troops, you can infinitely challenge higher and stronger opponents. According to the maximum difficulty you can complete, you will receive corresponding rewards. You can use the help of your friends' heroes.

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    There will be various events and resources in the process of marching, and making good use of your hired fighters and buff bonus can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort. The first pass of Marusta can get the super holy water reward, and the whole 10 floors will receive an extra pass reward, there are hero fragments and rare equipment. The first challenge of each level does not consume the number of times, the level that has been cleared can be swept, and there are 2 free sweeps per day.

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    Tapping quick send will send friendship points to the friends who have followed first Top 5 players with most fans will obtain exclusive avatar frame reward (for 7 days).

    Every artifact has exclusive unlock quests. Complete specific quests to unlock the artifact and start the exclusive guests of the next artifact. After equipping the artifact, the artifact will provide stats bonus to all the warriors in the team. The bonus effect will only work in the battle. Player can use refinement stone to increase artifact level and stats bonus. Player can use refinement stone to increase artifact level and stats bonus. Player can use artifact stone to increase skill level and greatly increase skill damage. Player can use element crystal to increase refinement level and greatly increase the skill damage of the artifact.
    Twinkle battle code

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    Twinkle battle cheats
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    Twinkle battle cheat
    Each artifact has 1 active skill. Artifact can be deployed in battle and it will release active skill in 3rd round. The skill will be released once every 3 rounds. Mark stones can be used to increase holy seal stats. The number of mark stones that can be used is decided by the artifact level.

    Twinkle battle hack
    How to choose a warrior?
    pay attention to class matching:
    a complete team can generally be consist if three parts: main tank (responsible for protection and control), martial artist, Nen master (responsible for causing DMG), support (responsible for healing buff). The effect of race restraint will bring considerable DMG bonus in battle. It is also the key to victory to choose a reasonable restraint race according to the enemy race.
    Pay attention to the formation match:
    warriors of the designated race can also get stat bonus in battle. According to your existing warriors, a reasonable formation can also greatly increase the winning rate. The specific match can be clicked deploy warrior to view.
    Twinkle battle pass
    Pay attention to the skill combination: the skills of most warriors can be matched with each other. For example, Babidi's Pallagen's fury adds the status of DOT to the enemy, while Vegeta Evil
    s heroic slash must be deals a critical DMG to wounded units. There are more powerful combinations waiting for you to discover.

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