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Idle Hell Company code
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    You will be able to unlock two characters: Business genius - the flamboyant businessman who loves HIPHOP very much is a social and impassioned young man. Employee Evaluation: he is not a sedate boss but very kind. Good at earning money and absolutely a prodigy in business. Elite office lady - a lady who was born i an old aristocracy, she's the only businesswoman who start business successfully. Employee evaluation: a very tough lady but aggressive. good leader but strict. She excels in building the team with the best of the best.

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    Finally, they found you, a genius businessperson who ran company so perfect well and made it to the world's most valuable company in just 5 years. People from the living world were so shocked about it. You became the richest person, however, no longer had a goal to strive for an felt empty every day. Your business skills have been praised by even the gods, which is why, on behalf of the Lord god, i give a very important and difficult task. It's up to you to start a new company in the name of God and expand its business to every region. The Lord of God established many companies in hell, to help the deads to realize their dream.

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    The game objective is to serve dead guest, helping them realize their dream and get rid of pain. The first step of running a company is to have sufficient reserves fund which is cash. It's a vital resource for almost anything in the company development. For quick earnings of this resource, use the code 9Bee7hoZl. It's the main access to earn cash or you can use the hell bank. However, it is very difficult to obtain the Hell bank license. Fortunately, with the help of the archangel, we have obtained the license in advance. These facilities are too old to use. Don't worry, just spend some cash, the imps can repair them quickly.
    Idle Hell Company code

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    Idle Hell Company cheats
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    Idle Hell Company cheat
    The first dead guest has come to the soul reception dest, company will assign a person to his appear and customize dream realization process for him. Dead will pay in cash after using the facility. Realize dead's dream is the second important way to obtain cash besides the hell bank. Each time you use cheat code, you have an extra chance to receive a gift from the guest, so stay motivated and serve as many as you can.
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