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Kingdom Draw code
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    Pass - on this screen you can look at your available cards and modify your deck. On the left of the screen you can see your current deck. Tap cards to view them in more detail. Swipe cards out to the right to remove them. On the right of the screen is a book containing all the cards available to you. Swipe cards to the left to add them to your deck. You can scroll through multiple pages of your available cards and use filters to display subsets of interest. Use cheat ignu9uFEG - as you open more cards packs, the cards you obtain will appear in this book. You can get more card packs from the chest in the main menu. You can also redeem victory tokens to make specific cards of your choice.

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    Your current hand is displayed in the lower left of the screen. Swipe a card upwards to play it, or tap a card to see it up close. Tapping the reward button will shuffle your opening hand back into your deck and you will draw the same number of new cards. Army cards cannot move on the same turn as they are played, so you will need to wait until next turn to move it. Positioning army cards on villages will allow you to generate extra gold each turn. Support cards can be played onto army cards that are on the map. Every turn you castle will generate 1 gold, with cheat code - 4 gold. You will also gain 1 additional gold every turn for each village occupied by one of your army cards. The other resource you have is power. Unlike gold, you do not automatically gain power each turn. Instead, you gain power though certain cards or traits.

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    Your current gold and power are displayed at the botton=m right of the screen. Your opponent's gold and power are displayed at the top right of the screen. You can defeat your opponent by destroying their castle. Your army and beast cards can attack your opponent's castle, but support cards cannot. Unless your cards have the protected trait, they will take 1 damage when attacking a castle. Remember to defend your castle from enemy attacks. Your castle health is displayed at the bottom right of the screen. Your opponent's castle health is displayed at the top right of the screen.
    Kingdom Draw code

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    Kingdom Draw cheat
    The support card will remain attached to the army card for the remainder of the match. Some support cards deal damage while others provide special abilities. Support cards that deal damage do so before armies and beasts, meaning that sometimes a support card can destroy an army or beast outright without taking damage. Except for those with the siege trait, support cards do not damage castles. Remember to pay attention to the traits of energy armies and beasts. Cards with the protected trait do not take damage from support cards. The necromancer support card is useful for summoning more skeleton armies when defeating enemy armies. The army attached to the necromancer must survive the battle in roder to raise the dead. It can be useful to play the curse card to ensure the enemy cannot fight back, or wait until your army is adjacent to an enemy with 1 health prior to using the necromancer.
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