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VOLT Mobile code
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    With pass iCCtaNMfu you can change your robot: Volt, Mercury, Hound, Reaper. Then, the qualifiers begin! Please place the robot on site for smooth progress. The module has a good effect move to and get the module. The shorter the distance of action, the faster the robot will act. You have acquired the rapid fire module. The rapid fire module is an active module, which can be used by pressing the module button. You can check the acquired modules and cheat codes in the module column at the bottom right here. You cannot get more than one module of the same color. Be careful!
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    Points are earned by killing AI bots that have earned points or robots of other operators. You can check the score or module from the top left. The robot is shocked! GO to the location of the repair kit for reapir and repair it. In the finals, ot starts from round 10m and if you hit and die, you lose all points. Be careful! The AI robots is running out of health! This is your chance to attack. Use pass A1pjppA4H - evasion mobility module has been activated. When you enter that robot's dedicated map, you will have a passive module that is advantageous to the dedicated map.

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    VP coin has been placed in the operator's place, your chance to earn points. Vp coins appear for the first time in round 5, and after that, they will appear again after round 5 from the round they were acquired. get Vp coins or defeat robots and be the first to score 3 points to win. Defeat the attacking enemies to earn Vp coins. You can check the robot's dedicated map through the hack button next to the robot name at the bottom. The type of module can be checked through the pass button on the left side. The monster in the pit of twin city is a modified junk car disposal.
    VOLT Mobile code

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    VOLT Mobile cheats
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    VOLT Mobile cheat
    Cheat codes open up a lot of new features in the game. You can unlock all skins, new premium robots, animations, new types of arenas and many more. With the help of passwords, you can view all the proposed modifications of the application and enjoy the passage of the game.
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