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Cross Hit code
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    With your power, you can move sealed champion. Now, press the pass button to move the champion. Press the direction key to move forward. Well done, I knew i picked the right person. Ever since you were sealed, monsters have been going on a rampage. You must control this champion to attack the monsters. Press the attack button to eliminate enemies. Next is the Jump button. Jumping will help the champion during the combat. Go ahead and press it. Press the jump button to get to the 2nd floor.
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    Press cheat code button to use the skill. It's more powerful than a normal attack. You can use counter attack to remove the enemy's shield easily. Odd eenmies require special skills. A blue exclamation mark is displayed above the skill button depending on the circumstances. Watch out! It's teeming with monsters ahead. There are too many. We need to escape for now. Change the champion to defeat the enemy. Increases attack/ movement speed of team members by 20% for 15 sec.

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    This place is crawling with monsters because many champions have been sealed here. When you can't see the enemies in the screen, check the mini map on the top right of the screen. Quickly pressing the screen twice triggers dash. Enters super armor state during dash. Out of Benito's skills, use the Upward slash with a blue exclamation mark on top. Monsters are getting stronger, and i'm worried. You need to hurry up and be stronger. I know how to make the champions stronger. Each hero has a level, you can use the passwords or the experience bread to level up. level up is a matter of common sense for modern people who want to become stronger.
    Cross Hit code

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    Cross Hit cheat
    2 rouletter tickets are issued through the mailbox daily. Make sure to claim them every day.
    Benito's upward slash is effective against slimes. You can press two locations of the screen to call team members. They cannot be called again for a certain period of time.
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