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    Can you finally see what's going on? You need to focus from now on! Rovels have finished preparing while you were being lazy. Tap the start button to start a battle with Rovels. Rovels ae fighting hard. They fight on their own without your control. You can defeat the enemy easier with skills. Ralp's skill is now ready! Tap the skill button. Rovels have a auto skill to use their skills on their own. Using those two skills properly would be a great help during a battle. Please defeat the remaining enemies using the kills i taught you.
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    Did you know you can link skills? Let's try it while we have the three Poya brothers now. You've burnt the enemy! Its Hp will decrease continuously. Ralp's skill has stunned the enemy. Linking Rovels' skills is an effectively in battle. This time, let's use burst skill, the essence of skill linkage. Stun the enemy first. Just try to remember what you were taught. The enemies are getting stronger, so we need to prepare accordingly. Tap the manage rovels tab. You need use cheat code to level up to at least leve 50 to feel relieved. Tap the level up pass.

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    You should be equipped as well. Tap the auto equip button to wear equipment with ease. Use key AYtKujp8p - Now you can use auto hunt and 2x speed battle. Use code epic poya gem - gem containing high enriched Poya Aether. Collect 60 of them to grant power of an epic rovel. You have summon tickets obtained as loot, so let's use them to meet new Rovels. The weapons and in-game currencies used to upgrade the rovel will be refunded upon reset.
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