Hack Legendary Empire Glory Knight cheat code
Legendary Empire Glory Knight code
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    Welcome to the dawn of the world! Town center is the symbol of civilization, must protect it. Your civilization will start from here, continuous development and to the brilliant. There will be some animals around the town, they will provide food after hunting. Select the animal and click the hunt button to start hunting for the first time. There are plenty of supplies scattered around the town that can be mined for resource rewards. Select food supplies and click the mine button to get some food. There is also a lumbermill around the town, you will get coins for logging wood.
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    THe forest can be cleared now. it is said that the forest also hides unexpected surprises. Click clear button to clear the forests. Clearing the forest can make room for buildings, and there may be surprises. Select the metal mine, click mining button, let's mine some coins. I see barbarians around, let's build a tower to prevent them from plundering the resources. When the remaining time of construction and upgrade is within 5 minutes, it can be completed immediately fo free. The watchtower has a very wide range. When the enemy enters the range, the tower will attack automatically.

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    Barbarians may attack again at any time. Why don't we attack them first. CLick and hold the training button to train multiple warriors continuously. Use cheat codes to complete training quickly. Attacking the barbarian to wins can also earn you some resources. Click on the land outside the barbarian town and send out our warriors. Send all our warriors. The more troops you dispatch the faster you will win the battle. Defense tower can cause damage to our troops continuously. Assemble all forces first to destroy it. After destroying all defensive buildings and winning the battle, the surviving troops will not lose, and they will all return to the town.
    Legendary Empire Glory Knight code

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    Legendary Empire Glory Knight cheats
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    Legendary Empire Glory Knight cheat
    It's time to build new houses that allow us to have more workers. Stone age is already available to upgrade, come up grade to the age and unlock more new buildings. Now that you;ve mastered the basics of the game, try to complete missions to receive rewards and lead your town to rapid growth.
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