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DDTank Origin code
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    It has been 10 years since the meteorite fell to the continent. The DDT family set that day as the new calendar of creation, and hold a bonfire party on January 3 every year to pray for a safe and smooth coming year. Recently, the owner of the farm sent me a letter saying that many strange things have happened on the farm, and he entrusted me to helo investigate. But recently, the novices have said that they were being very busy, please go there for a help. The only way to go to the farm is to pass through the Ants nest. The ant family is not easy to mess with, be careful.
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    Wow, good luck! A rare weapon dropped from the ant, let's go and equip it. The battle power has improved a lot, it feels like you become stronger! Keep up the good work, let's keep exploring. Finally entered the arena room, where you can complete with other players, you can also receive a lot of experience after each battle. This is high-yield times, doubling EXP of the first few battles daily participating in the arena requires energy consumption, if the energy is insufficient, you won't receive profit.

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    As the level of battle power increases, more functions will be enabled. Let's open quest interface first and take a look. There is a piece of clothing in the loot that has just been harvested, go and put it on! oh, byt the way, tap proceed button to immediately go to the corresponding scene. The quest is completed. Quest is the main source of level up in the early stage! let's continue to complete the main quest and grow quickly. In order to complete 2v2 in arena, we need to reserve the position of our teammates before starting the battle. Tap quick invite to send an invitation link in chat, other players will quickly enter the room by tapping it on chat window.
    DDTank Origin code

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    DDTank Origin cheat
    Armor: character's total armor value, reducing DMG taken in battle. Luck: character's total luck value, increasing its own crit DMG and crit rate, and can ignore part of the opponent's defense. When facing an enemy with a higher defense, try to destroy the terrain, which can make the opponent fall and die. Completing the main quest is a quick way to level up. When teaming up, not only you can pass the dungeon faster, but also have the opportunity to make new friends.
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