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    Backed by the might of his private army, the Scarlet Wings, the so-called 'hero' Tytos rules Emberglow with an iron fist. But there are those who would resist his quest for greater and greater power... How to progress the story: follow the mini map in the upper right to progress the story. Selecting the mini map will allow you to see what establishments are in the area and where the quest destination is. Interact with townspeople to make your journey easier. When talking to townspeople, you can sometimes inquire by tapping a button on the lower right. If you wander around outseid, you could come across huge monsters.

    When you inquire, you'll be able to do the following: obtain possessions - negotiate to obtain items they might have, including valuable accessories. Recruit allies - negotiate to have them follow you so that you can summon them in battle. Learn information - occasionally glean information on your surrounding. The way you negotiate with them changes depending on their type of influence: wealth - negotiate with leaves: haggling success depends on wealth rank. Power - negotiate through battle. Fame - negotiate through probabilities. Success depends on Fame rank. When an ally is summoned in battle, they will perform a set skill.

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    If your reputation is ruined, try talking to a bartender. They fix your reputation for a fee. Unlocking a traveler's hidden potential using special items is called awakening. Click on the awakening button to the bottom right of the status screen, then use the necessary items to awaken travelers. The necessary items differ by character class. You can get your paws on these at the exchange and by susing guide. Whenever you awaken a character, their awakening stage rises. Powers and other bonuses are also unlocked. Now every traveler's maximum awakening stage is the same. Go to awakening stage II and you cans et up to 4 battle skills.

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    Change your expendable into essentials! Trade traveler specific guidestones for guidstone shards and get things like accessories experience nuts, and universal guidestones. The exchange's lineup will be expanded in future updates. Exploit your foes' weaknesses to do more damage. Experiment with different kinds of attacks. Attack your foe's weak point and reduce their shield points to 0 to break them. Once their shield is broken, they cannot act until after the ened of the next turn. use this chance to deal large amlunts of damage. Use boost points to augment your powers and deal even more damage with attacks and skills. Swipe to the right of an action to activate boost mode.

    Using cheat codes allows all characters acting this turn to consume all their BP and attack. You can utilize a party boost to assail your foes turn the tide of battle, and more.
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