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    The players progresses through the story as part of a band of travelers. The band's name can be changed at the local tavern.

    A party is a battle group comprised of up to eight travelers. They are separated into two rows, and members can be switched between them at any time. In general, characters in the front row fight while those in the back automatically recover HP and SP.

    Each character has one of eight unique jobs that determine which weapons they can wield, skills they can learn, stats that get boosted and more. Depending on the character, their traits may not match a job's characteristics.

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    Level and abilities: a character's level is an indicator of their strength. You can level up by gaining experience through battles and items. Leveling up will increase a character's attributes and earn you JP needed to learn skills. The attribute boosts that come with leveling up differ by character. Base attributes are values that can be increased by leveling up.

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC class level tutorial

    Each character has a set class level. The more stars they have, the higher their maximum level. It also influences how many class boards they have and thus how many skills they can learn.

    Raising class level: characters whose class level contains a star cna increase their class level. Go to learn skills and use class level items to unlock class boards. use guide to find the same traveler, but of a higher class. When using guide, characters who have reached their highest class and those who have not will appear.

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC limit breaks

    You can limit break a character to raise their level cap by up to 20 levels. You will need character specific guidestones along with gold, silver, and bronze guidstones. Each job and character comes with their own purr-ticular status.
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