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  • OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC learn skills.

    Each character has a set class level. You can enhance their skills by unlocking panels on class boards. Class boards: each character has as many class boards as they do class level. Use JP to unlock panels on these boards and enhance their powers. You can earn JP by leveling up your characters.
    Unlocking class boards: there are two ways to increase a character's class. The first is to use class level items to unlock class boards. The second is to obtain the higher class version of that character via Guide.

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    Characters can learn three types of skills. They are skills that increase status and influence, battle skills, and passive skills. Battle skills: these skills can be used in combat by consuming Sp. A single character can set up to 3 types of skills. You can set up to 4 types after reaching awakening stage II. For more details on awakening go to characters > awakening in the help section. Change battle skills: character status > change skills. Examples: Guillotine, dust devil.
    Passive skills: these skills activate automatically in battle and include resistance boosts, support skills, and more. You can view a character's obtained support skills on the status screen.

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC awakening

    Awakening unlocks a character's latent powers. You can use special items to gain different powers than you couldn't by normal means. Awakening: character status > awakening. Awakening items: the items needed to perform an awakening differ by character and class. You can obtain a character's awakening stone by obtaining the same character again. For more details on awakening stones, go to guide in the help section.

    Awakening stage: whenever you awaken a character, their awakening stage rises. Powers and other bonuses are also unlocked. Unlockable skills differ by character. Some characters may not be able to reach awakening stage IV, but may be able to after updates. However, awakening stage IV may not be available at all depending on the character.
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