You can learn more about events and updates via news. To learn more go to the menu > news.
    Mail: you can obtain login bonuses in-game items, and more from your mail. To learn more, go to menu > mail.
    Settings: you can adjust the game's various settings here. Graphical quality - this will automatically be set somewhere between lowest and highest quality depending on your device. THe setting can be manually changed. Hints for beginners: change whether or not to display the button for beginner hints on the field menu. Walk vibration - change whether or not your device will vibrate when nearing elite enemies.

    You can use OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC hack

    To learn more, go to menu > other >settings.
    Music - adjust the volume of the music. Sound effects - adjust the volume of ambient sounds like when opening treasure chest and the cracking of torches. Voices - adjust the volume of character voices.
    Play voices - change whether or not coices will play. Switching this on will require you to donwload voice data. Ad tracking - change whether or not to share your personal information for adventising purposes. Switching this on will make it easier to display ads that match your interests.

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC movement settings:

    Swipe movement: set whether swiping will cause your character to walk or run, Flick movement - set whether flicking will cause your character to walk or run.
    Stop at branch after flick - set whether or not you would like your character to stop at a branch while flicking. Movement speed up effect - set whether or not to enable the traveler skill 'movement speed up'

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC data backup

    When changing the device you play on, you will need to back up your data and prepare to transfer your data before you change devices. After that, you must download octopath traveler: champions of the continent on your new device and complete the data transfer. You can use the following method to safety your data. If you transfer your data with any method other than the one above, your data may become corrupted. Please use the above method.
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