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    I know a lot is happening all at once and you're probably pretty confused, but for now let's work together and focus on enemy. I'm going to explain how battles work, so listen closely. First up is how to attack. Try tapping a panel. Adjacent panels of the same color can be broken together. Once the time is up, we attack all at once. That's the basics for attacking. For newbie, you catch on fast. Alright, let's try connecting and breaking 3 or more panels. If you do, something good will happen. THis is what we call a skill panel. If you break a skill panel, it'll activate a crash skill.
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    Crash skills are strong attacks. I hope it won't take long until using them feels like nature. When this side's done, it's the opponent's turn. Allies whose HP falls to zero will retreat. So be careful. Let's try connecting and breaking 3 or more panels along with a skill panel. Now's not the time to be holding anything back. Use active skill: convert up to own panels x1 into own level 1 skill panel. FOr 2 turns boost phys. atk of self & high phys. atk ally(s) x1 b y 132. Using active skills like that can turn the battle in your favor.

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    THere's a time limit to the panel breaking phase. The color behind the panels tells you how much time is left. Beak panels within the time limit: see the time gauge fill up behind the panels. Red means the time is almost up and the countdown begins. Once the time limit for panel breaking phase is up, your party will start their attacks. Try to make and break as many skills panels as possible within the time limit. Now we need to increase our party power. So that watch of yours lets you summon Folklore with Quartz. We cna try other methods later. Let's use pass! Did you find a good character? If you aren't happy with who you found, you can try it again!
    ALICE Fiction code

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    ALICE Fiction cheat
    Looks like you've found a good character. Now let's add them to the party so they can join battles with us. The party menu - here you can build your party to take with you into battle. First, select a character to go in this slot. Now, they can join you in battle. Summoned Folklore won't be able to help you unless you include them in your party. You can check your party's total battle power right here. Party power is a value that shows how strong your party is. While you're still unsure about a lot of things just try getting your party power as high as you can. You can also select optimize party when you're stuck. It'll put together a party with the highest party power for you. Anyway, now we don't have to worry if we run into pawns again.

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    While we're at it, i'll give you some pass tips to get the upper hand in battle. FIrst, let me tell you about hack elements. All allies and enemies have elements that each have a counterpart. To break it down. Wood is weak to fire, Earth to wood, water to earth, and fire to water. Light and dark deal equal damage to each other. Use code and unlock special element. If you want to target a specific enemy, tap directly on that enemy before you start breaking panels. You have to consider when it's best to target because enemy related active skills will also focus on them. Top bar - there's a set number of turns to a battle. You've got to defeat the enemies fore this turns left reaches 0. The waste area hack ALICE Fiction is used as temporary storage for information that is deemed unnecessary for use in operating ALice.
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