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Charlotte’s Table code
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    France, 20 years ago, at the best restaurant in Paris, La Joie de Verdier. Richard and Lorraine prepare the best party for Charlotte's first birthday. However, an unexpected incident prevents Charlotte's birthday party from taking place. Today is our daughter first birthday, but i'm feeling strangely nervous. I'm going to cook a memorable dish for all the guests who are coming to Charlotte's birthday party. We need to get ready. Tap the button below to prepare for the party. Use stars to help with Richard's dish. To decorating, you need to clear levels and earn more stars. You can enter the game preparation screen by tapping green button.
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    Match 3 of the same ingredients to cook a delicious steak! Match adjacent ingredients to complete the steak! You got stars, now you can continue preparing for the party. Tap the button below to prepare for the party. Remember, earn stars by playing and use them to complete missions. Continue the story by playing the levels and completing missions. Match 4 of the same ingredients to make a rocket. Push the rocket sideways to launch it. Make more rockets and collect the rest of the ingredients.

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    Match the ingredients in an L-shape to make a bomb. Push the bomb upwards to detonate it. This time, make a bomb by matching the ingredients in a T-shape. Double tap the bomb to use it. Complete 10 missions to get bonus gift. Match 4 of the same ingredients in a square to make a propeller. Push the propeller upwards to pop it.

    Charlotte's table: Charlotte becomes a chef and opens her own restaurant. She's visited by Rick, a restaurateur who offers to buy CHarlotte's table.
    The Restaurant's hero - Charlotte transforms Charlotte's table with the help of the experts Rick introduces her to. Charlotte's best friend Kiara visits and Charlotte prepare a beautifully plated dish for her.
    Charlotte’s Table code

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