ALICE Fiction Battle Flow
  • ALICE Fiction Battle Flow.

    Assemble your party for battle and fight enemies.

    The Flow of Battles
    1. Put together a party you will take into battle.
    2. Battle against enemies, following the Basic Battle Rules.
    3. Win by getting the HP of all enemies to 0 within the turn limit shown on the upper left of the battle screen.
    - For details about the Basic Battle Rules, please check the article, "Basic Battle Rules" under the "Battles" category.
    *Some special battles don't require you to defeat all enemies to win.

    The following will lead to losing the battle:
    - If all party members' HP fall to 0.
    - If there are 0 remaining turns.
    - If you choose to withdraw from the battle from the Menu in the upper right of the battle screen.

    You can use ALICE Fiction

    Party Assembly You can select the characters and World Memories you take into battle in "Party".
    How to Assemble Your Party
    1. Tap the "Party" button on the left side of the Home Screen.
    2. Tap "Party".
    3. Select the party you wish to assemble, and then select the desired characters or World Memories.*You can also assemble your party right before a battle.
    Maximum Number of Parties You can create up to 10 parties.Tap on the party name to edit the name of the party.
    Selecting Characters You can choose up to 4 party members to head into the frontlines of battle.By clearing Main Quests you will eventually become able to build a party including sub-members for a total of 6 party members.
    Character Positions in Battles Characters will be positioned in order of the party arrangement from left to right.If there is a blank slot, all characters will be shifted to the left.

    ALICE Fiction Selecting World Memories:

    You can equip a World Memory to each of your characters.*You cannot equip a World Memory to a slot without a character.
    World Memory CostYou cannot equip World Memories totaling beyond your World Memory Cost.Your World Memory Cost total will depend on your Player Rank.
    Optimize PartyTap "Optimize Party" to automatically assemble the strongest party with the characters and World Memories you have obtained.
    Change PositionsBy tapping "Shuffle", you can move characters and their World Memories to whatever position you wish.

    ALICE Fiction Basic Battle Rules

    Panels will appear once you tap "Attack Mode". Panels come in four colors, and you can connect and break adjacent panels of the same color. Once the time is up, your party members will attack all at once. You can freely break panels during this phase of the battle, however, if you tap too many times, the phase will end. Be careful not to tap too many times in a row.

    Skill Panels - Breaking 3 adjacent panels of the same color will create a Skill Panel.

    Targeting - By tapping a specific enemy, you can prioritize attacking the targeted enemy.
    *If an enemy has used a skill to focus all attacks on them, you cannot target a different enemy.
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