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    Elemental Compatability
    Each character and enemy has its own element.Depending on the Elemental Compatibility, the damage dealt can differ greatly.Damage against weak elements is increased, while damage against strong elements is decreased.
    Elemental compatibility is as follows:
    - Fire is strong against Wood- Wood is strong against Earth- Earth is strong against Water- Water is strong against Fire- Light and Dark are equally strong against one another, but weak against their own element.

    You can use ALICE Fiction

    Physical Attacks and Special Attacks
    There are two types of attacks, Physical Attacks and Special Attacks.

    Physical Attacks
    The amount of damage dealt will depend on the Physical Attack stats of the offensive side and the Physical Defense stats of the defensive side.
    In battle, this kind of damage is indicated in white.

    Special Attacks
    The amount of damage dealt will depend on the Special Attack stats of the offensive side and the Special Defense stats of the defensive side.
    In battle, this kind of damage is indicated in purple.

    Critical Damage
    Chances of a critical hit depend on the Critical Rate stats of the offensive side, the Critical Resistance stats of the defensive side and their difference in level.
    When you hit a critical, you can deal more damage than usual.
    The amount of damage dealt will also differ depending on the Critical Damage stats of the offensive side.
    In battle, this kind of damage is indicated in yellow.

    ALICE Fiction Recovery & Special Effects wiki:

    You can recover a character's HP through the use of certain skills or sometimes when dealing damage.The recovery amount will depend on the characters HP Recovery and HP Absorb stats.
    There are no critical rates for HP Recovery

    Status Abnormalities and Special Effects
    Some skills and enemies have status changing effects and special effects.*The duration of the effect will differ based on the skill.*The success rate of inflicting status abnormalities will depend on the defensive side's Status Resistance stats and their difference in level to the attacker.

    ALICE Fiction statuses wiki

    Restricting Statuses
    - Bind restricts a character's attacks and Crash Skills.
    - Skill Bind restricts a character's active skills.

    Continuous Damage Statuses
    - Virus and Burn will deal damage every turn.
    - Bomb will deal damage after a set amount of turns.
    - Oil increases the amount of damage dealt by Burn.

    Status Buff/Debuff
    The following statuses are affected and their values are changed when Status Buff or Debuffs are applied.
    - HP
    - Physical Attack
    - Special Attack
    - Physical Defense
    - Special Defense
    - Critical Rate
    - Critical Resistance
    - Critical Damage
    - HP Absorb
    - Reflect Damage
    - HP Recovery
    - Status Resistance

    Characters with the Armor effect will inflict status abnormalities or status debuffs when attacked by an enemy.
    If no direct damage is inflicted (continuous damage etc.), the Armor effect does not inflict any status abnormalities or debuffs on the enemy.

    Focused Attacks
    When a character is the focus of attacks, enemies will prioritize attacking that character.
    There may be instances, for example AOE attacks, where other characters will also be hit.
    If there are multiple characters or enemies that have become the target of attacks, attacks will be dealt randomly between these characters.
    The focus attacks status will be removed after a certain number of turns or attacks.

    A barrier can protect against damage according to the barrier's durability value.
    If the amount of damage received exceeds the effect of the barrier, the character will take on the surplus damage.
    Damage caused by status abnormalities (continuous damage) will ignore the barrier.
    Damage caused by Reflect Damage will also ignore the barrier.
    If a character's HP is reduced to zero while the barrier is in place, the character will be KO.
    The barrier may be removed after a certain number of turns determined by the skill's effect.
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