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    What is the Underground?
    From the Quests menu, tap "Underground" to take on the challenge of fighting in battles where character HP and skill charges are carried over from one battle to the next. You can take on the Underground once per day.You don't use energy to take on the Underground; however, your party assembly will be limited and you will not be able to assemble characters under Lv. 10.Additionally, you will not be able to use support characters.

    You can use ALICE Fiction

    Zones wiki
    There are several difficulties in the Underground: Normal, Hard, and Very Hard.
    Additionally, you can unlock more Zones by progressing through the Main Quest.

    How to Unlock
    You can unlock the Underground by clearing Main Quest 3-1 (Normal).

    When the Day Changes While Taking On a Zone
    If you are still taking on the Underground when the day resets in-game (every day at 1:00 PM), your challenge will end for that day.
    Even if you are in the middle of a challenge, you will be retreated from the Underground and your progress will reset.

    ALICE Fiction Unlock Each Zone wiki:

    There are three Zones in the Underground:
    - Zone 01 (Normal)
    - Zone 02 (Hard)
    - Zone 03 (Very Hard)

    Conditions to Unlock Each Zone
    To unlock each Zone:
    - You can unlock Zone 01 (Normal) by clearing Main Quest 3-1 (Normal).
    - You can unlock Zone 02 (Hard) by clearing Main Quest 4-17 (Normal).
    - You can unlock Zone 03 (Very Hard) by clearing Main Quest 6-16 (Normal).

    How to take on the Underground
    Follow these steps:
    1. Tap "Quests" on the right side of the Home Screen.
    2. Tap "The Underground".
    3. Tap the Zone you wish to take on.
    4. Tap "OK" if you wish to proceed. the left of the panels.
    2. Select the tab, "Support Command Help".

    ALICE Fiction Carrying Over HP and Skill Charges wiki

    In the Underground, HP and skill charges are carried over from one battle to the next, for not only your characters, but your opponents as well.
    If your character's HP reaches 0, they will not be able to be assembled in the next battle

    Once the day resets in-game, that day's challenge will end, and your progress, character HP, and skill charges will be reset.

    You can earn Credits, Underground Medals, etc. from the Underground.

    Underground Medals
    You can exchange these for items in the Underground Exchange.
    *For details about the Underground Exchange, please check under "The Exchange" > "Types of Exchanges" > "Underground Exchange" in the Help section.
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