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    What Are Resource Quests?
    You can take on Resource Quests from "Quests" on the right side of the Home Screen.
    If you win in battle, you can earn items to help you enhance your characters, like Credits and Battle Records.
    You don't need energy to take on Resource Quests, but you can only attempt these quests a limited number of times per day.

    For these quests, you are not able to earn player experience or character experience. Your Bond levels won't go up either.
    Even through skips, these quests won't give you player experience.
    You cannot borrow support characters.

    You can use ALICE Fiction

    How to Unlock
    You can unlock Resource Quests by clearing Main Quest 1-6 (Normal).

    Types of Resource Quests wiki
    There are two types of Resource Quests: EXP Quests and Credit Quests.

    Attempts Per Day
    Each Resource Quest (EXP Quests and Credit Quests) has a limited number of attempts per day.
    The attempts will reset at 1:00 PM every day.
    Additionally, if you withdraw or lose the battle, your attempts for the day will not go down.

    How to Know How Many Attempts Are Left
    To confirm how many attempts you have:
    1. Tap "Quests" on the right side of the Home Screen.
    2. Tap "Resource Quests".
    3. Tap the quest you would like to confirm, "EXP Quests" or "Credits Quests".
    4. Go to the bottom right screen to view the "Attempts Left". If 0, you will not be able to take on this quest.
    *You can increase your number of attempts for a limited time by purchasing the "7-Day Training Pass" in the Shop.

    ALICE Fiction Clear Rank wiki:

    Resource Quest Clear Rank
    In battle quests, your clear rank will depend on how many of your characters were defeated in battle.
    *The clear rank will be shown in stars.

    Clearing with Three Stars
    There are special rewards available for clearing a quest with three stars.
    *You can only receive these rewards once per quest.
    Additionally, you can skip this battle quest in the future with the party you cleared the quest with.

    ALICE Fiction Skip to Clear wiki

    Skip to Clear
    If you clear a quest with three stars, you can skip that quest in the future.
    By using skip, you can clear the quest without engaging in battle.
    You can skip multiple times at once, and confirm the results on the results page.

    Number of Attempts
    Your number of attempts will be depleted according to the number of skips.
    If you have 0 attempts left, you will not be able to skip.
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