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    - i'm so glad it's almost over. Congratulations sweetie. I'll never understand why you chose such a macabre field but.
    - there's nothing disturbing about it. It's just ...
    - but i'm proud of you...I really am. You've come so far.
    - So! You haven't told me what's next. Will you get a job where you are or?
    - They actually have everyone they need. But my old teacher, Mr. Delver, transferred me to his office to finalize my internship there.
    - Oh well that's good! I remember you mentioning him. Where's he located? Are you moving away from me?
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    -No.No, i'm not moving. He's actually located around here...River fields.
    - Even i've heard things about that place. I'd just be worried about you.
    - People ,ake up stories! Death is a scary thing to a lot of people. We try to explain things we don't understand and we want comfort when we lose someone we love. No one's embalming any ghost bodies or whatever. It's fine.
    - Alright. Enough spooky stuff! I'm so proud of you. When is all this happening? When do you start?
    - I've actually been there for a few weeks now... my review is tomorrow.

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    Pencil - use to sign the paperwork left on the door. Quick inventory: access quick inventory and choose the item you wish to use. Most (but not all) places where items can be used will cause the use items icon to appear.
    large items are held in your hands. If both hands are full, you will need to drop a large item before picking up another. Smaller items are kept in your pockets.
    Viewing items:
    after selecting an item, it's description will appear below it. If an item can be dropped, a drop button will appear under the item description.
    Moving the deceased:
    Use the gurney by standing behind it and pressing the gurney interact key. Then, walk backwards with the gurney down the hall.
    The Mortuary Assistant code

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    The Mortuary Assistant cheats
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    The Mortuary Assistant cheat
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    Cold storage:
    To bring a body in or out of cold storage, open the bay with the body's name, pull out the rack, then move the cart over to it.
    Clipboard: used for forms and keeping track of mortuary tasks.
    Inspecting a body:
    Hover the cursor over unique markings such as moles, scratches, bruises and interact with them to record them to the clipboard.
    Fields network:
    To enter cadaver information:
    - click the record system icon to open the program.
    - match the sections on your clipboard to the corresponding sections on the computer.
    Once all findings have been entered into the system. CLick submit to print out embalming records. Then file the records up front to begin the embalming.
    Embalming report - a packet of mortuary paperwork related to the handling of the deceased. File up front so they are available if requested.
    Setting the face: pull the manipulator up and press the injector button to drive barbs into the skull. Then twist the wires to shut the jaw.
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