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    Here is the temple of Tiamat, the darkest Abyss. For hundreds of years, warriors have descended into darkness in pursuit of prophesied glory. To slay the dragon Queen. There's something unusual about this mural. Wipe the dust off the wall. There seems to be something hidden behind the mural. Roll the dice to check the possibilities. Reach target points to proceed. The stone wall features mysterious murals. People in the murals seemed to be performing some kind of ritual by worshipping Tiamat. It worked. The hidden door behind the mural opens slowly.
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    Tiamat takes the form of a human lady in the ruins. The evil Dragon Queen, Tiamat, has arrived, and her Force of darkness will engulf the world. A new warrior is needed to rescue the world.
    Choose race:
    human - the most widespread and commonly seen race on the continent. Their high productivity and mobility have cultivated a variety of brilliant civilizations.
    Dwarf - the dwarf lives in the snow and ice. Good at forging, they spend their days drinking and singing. The dwarves are united as they are loyal and proud of their race.

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    Select your class:
    Soldier - you are a natural born fighter and the years of training have given you great strength and resilient physique.
    Thief - you are born with a unique reaction unlike others. It makes you very good at stealing lock picking, and other activities that require dexterity. Entertainer - used to being in the sporlight, you are the master of pleasing others and are more likely than others to perceive changes in the surrounding.
    Sage - the desire for knowledge allows you to devote a lot of effort to the study of various fields of knowledge and makes you more skilled than others at solving puzzles and investigating.
    Dragonheir Silent Gods code

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    Dragonheir Silent Gods cheats
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    Dragonheir Silent Gods cheat
    Towns of various sizes are spread across the world. The camera will focus on the town as you enter it. Interact with icons to enter the buildings. There're variant characters, events and commissions within these buildings.

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    Sturdiness - has a chance to reduce damage taken. Mighty hammer strike - deals damage to enemies and inflicts attack penalty on them. Clan protection - deals damage to surrounding enemies and gains defense up and recovery over time.
    Unlock legendary heroes:
    Errich - 6bXncG9vh
    Flora - Dy3T0ASbj
    Khrysos - D064Cp1hT
    Jathal - LGCq7LAsm
    Ivellios - NYvWNBGRK
    Grishnaar - qKJYwFPXv
    Huberg - Ere9fSY13
    Acilla - AN8NiVL2B
    Hvitar - Woe2zWb4r
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