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    What is Gacha?
    By going to "Gacha" on the left side of the Home Screen, you can obtain characters, World Memories, and items to use in the game.

    Types of Gacha
    There are 3 types of Gacha.

    - Rare Gacha
    You can obtain characters by using Quartz.

    - Rare World Memory Gacha
    You can obtain World Memories by using Quartz.

    - Normal Gacha
    You can receive enhancing material for characters and World Memories for free.

    *For details about each type of Gacha, please check under "Gacha" > "Types of Gacha" in the Help section.

    You can use ALICE Fiction hack

    Rare Gacha
    You can use Quartz to draw from the Gacha and receive characters.

    1 Draw per Day
    You can draw from this Gacha once a day using Paid or Bonus Quartz.
    This Gacha will reset every day at 1:00 PM.

    Drawing Characters You Already Have
    You may draw characters that you have already drawn previously.
    If this happens, they will be converted to Anima Medals.
    The quantity of Anima Medals will depend on the character.

    Anima Medals
    You can exchange Anima Medals for character Anima in the Anima Exchange.
    *For details about the Anima Exchange, please check under "Exchange" > "Types of Exchanges" > "Anima Exchange" in the Help section.

    ALICE Fiction Gacha wiki:

    Rare W.M. Gacha
    World Memories can be obtained by using Quartz to draw from this Gacha.

    1 Draw per Day
    You can draw from this Gacha once per day using Paid Quartz.
    This Gacha resets every day at 1:00 PM.

    Normal Gacha
    You can draw from this Gacha for free. Receive items such as expansion items and World Memory enhancing resources.

    Draw 10 times from this Gacha Twice a Day
    This Gacha resets every day at:
    1. 1:00 PM
    2. 8:00 PM

    ALICE Fiction menu wiki

    Menu Details
    By tapping the Menu icon (≡) on the top left of the Home Screen, you can access the following:

    - Story
    Tap "Story" to look back on the Main Story, Character Stories and more.

    - Profile
    Tap "Profile" to change settings such as name, pronouns, introduction, character, background, etc.

    - Friends
    Tap "Friends" to manage your friend list and set your friend support.

    - View Items
    Tap "View Items" to check what items and Anima you have on hand or sell your items.

    - Configure
    Tap "Configure" to change your settings for System, Volume, Notifications, and Language.

    - Help
    Tap "Help" to check for information about the game.

    - Contact Support
    Tap "Contact Support" to check Frequently Asked Questions and to contact the Alice Fiction Support Team.

    - Data Transfer
    Tap "Data Transfer" to set a password for Player Data Transfer.

    - Other
    Tap "Other" to read the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Copyright Notices.

    - Block List
    Tap "Block List" to check which users you have blocked from chat.

    - Return to Title
    Tap "Return to Title" to Return to the Title Screen.

    *For details about the Story, Profile, Friends, Configure, Data Transfer, or Block List, please check under "Menu" in the Help Section
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