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    Once glorious heroes have been turned into pawns of the Null. Chosen player, only you can accept this challenge. You've got extraordinary power within you! I have a hunch that by following you, i might be able to find myself again. You have awakened the Caissa. They are at your command. Your energy is full. Tap to cast an ultimate skill. There was a summon key in the loot. With this, we can summon heroes. You can summon from the city center. Rare or elite Caissa guaranteed with 10 summons.
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    When you have 3 knights fighting side by side, our bond will provide us with extraordinary power. Have 3 characters of the same faction in battle for a bonus. Knight - at the start of each battle, the knight warriors leaps into the arena, increase the ATS of the knight rangers, and increase the energy regen of knight mages. At the bottom are your loyal pawns, don't forget them. Merge pawns and adjust your lineup to win. Enable auto skill to automatically use ultimates.
    Use summon keys to open chests and summon Caissa. Ten consecutive summons guarantees a rare or elite Caissa. If you don't have enough summon keys, you can use diamonds or cheat codes instead. After you reach the summon limit for the day, you will be unable to summon any hero until the next summon chance.

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    Sign in: log in every day to receive the check in rewards for that day! Unlimited backtracking is activated. During the period of the event, you can claim all check in rewards missed by not logging in through a free backtrack. The validity period of the event is 60 days from when you first started playing.
    Barracks: tap and press a pawn's avatar in the barracks to view their details. Drag them to another pawn's avatar to merge. The level of two pawns of the same type and tier will be increased after the merge, along with their stats and quantity. Pawns can evolve into stronger versions every 3 levels. THe max merge level of a pawn is determined by your progress in the Caissa war. Advance in the Caissa war to increase the max level
    Checkmate Heroes code

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    Checkmate Heroes cheat
    Use the altar to improve the grade and star rating of caissa by sacrificing the required pieces. Once ascension is completed, the sacrificed piece will be removed from your roster, and all their equipment, gold, EXP, and astral cores spent during training will be returned to your inventory. Any characters that is locked, in a dispatch mission, or in an arena formation cannot be selected as a sacrifice.

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    You can reset a hero's level to restore them to their initial level and refund all resources spent to train them. Refunded resources include equipment, gold spent for training, EXP, and Dust. Each reset costs a certain number of diamonds. Only one Caissa can be reset at a time.
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